Scotch Collie Pictures

Historic Collie Illustrations

Illustrations, paintings and drawings of collies as they appeared around the turn of the last century.

Historic Collie Photographs

Old photographs of scotch collies as they appeared 100 years ago.

Old-Time Scotch Collies Of Note

Notable Old-Time Scotch Collies (OTFS) from the past 20 years

Richard Ansdell Paintings

The Victorian era paintings of Richard Ansdell portray the true Highland Collie as it existed before it became popular.

German Ambulance Dogs - 1900

Old Scotch Collies used as German ambulance dogs in 1900 from The Strand Magazine: An illustrated monthly, Volume 20

Early Film Collies

From The Windsor magazine: an illustrated monthly for men and women, Volume 50 - 1919

Ezra Meeker\'s Scotch Collie Jim

Jim was an indispensable asset to Ezra Meeker\'s 2 crossings of the Oregon Trail in 1906 and 1910.

7 Responses to Scotch Collie Pictures

  1. Pam Sapienza says:

    Thanks Trinette. I loved these pictures, thanks for sharing. The old ones are gems. Pam

  2. Jo says:

    I have enjoyed these photos and your site immensely. I haven’t seen dogs like these since I was a child (long time ago). The first my father brought home as a pup on the day I was born, and he called it a shepherd’s collie. After viewing your site I am pretty convinced she was a scotch collie. The second was brought to me by his breeder and identified to me as an English shepherd. That was over 40 years ago and I have never heard that name since, until I saw it mentioned here. Several years ago I asked my father if he could tell me anything about the dogs but all he could tell me was that they were “old time collies”.

  3. Shep says:

    Thanks Jo. All the various names for this breed have added to the confusion over the years and ultimately contributed to their near extinction. Shepherd’s collie, old-time collie and scotch collie would all refer to the same dogs, English Shepherds are sometimes of Scotch Collie extraction and sometimes not. It’s all quite confusing.

    Glad you are enjoying the site.


  4. Linda Culver says:

    I am looking for a print of a female child dressed in white standing in a corner with her face towards the viewer with a collie standing nearby. Can you help me find it?

  5. Shep says:

    Linda, I believe the print you are looking for is this one by Charles Burton Barber called Special Pleader

  6. Kerry says:

    As a child, I was familiar with 2 types of Collies (pronounced Coal-y, not Call-y). There was the English Collie (shorter nose, different coat) and the Scotch Collie (with the long nose and long coat). The English version were usually working farm dogs, whereas the Scots were considered the ‘snobs’. I no longer hear reference to English Collies.

  7. Dawn Linder says:

    I’m searching for a picture of 4 children playing with a collie with a couple of puppies. I used to have a picture of it which I got from an Amish auction 20 years ago. Since I got divorced, I can’t find the picture anymore. It had a pastel soft colors and era of the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

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