Collies herding sheep in Ansdell painting

Richard Ansdell, Early Collies in Art

When discussing early paintings of Collies the name most often heard is Edwin Henry Landseer, yet looking through the examples of his work online he doesn’t really paint too many Collies and they are usually […]

Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

Live Stock Journal Almanac – 1878

The Collie Dog – by Gordon Stables, M.D., K.N. “Whatever sad mischance o’ertake ye, Man, he’s the dog will ne’er forsake ye.” — Hogg. It is just fourteen years and a little over since I […]

Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

My Highland Collie And Her Adopted Kittens

The story of Rollo and her contest with the gray cat and the kittens, recorded in No. 921 of your Journal, has reminded me of an affectionate Highland collie which adopted two kittens under perilous […]