Scotch Collie vs English Shepherd
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Scotch Collie vs English Shepherd

The Old-Time Scotch Collie and the English Shepherd are closely related dog breeds with more similarities than differences. It is no surprise that the most commonly asked question from people is “what is the difference […]

the original highland collie had a long pointed nose

What Did Collies Originally Look Like?

Some say that English Shepherds represent what the Scotch Collie looked like before show breeders ruined them. I used to believe this myself until I began doing research for creating this website. Once I started […]

Benji a collie that works on a farm
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Do Collies Make Good Farm Dogs?

Back in 2008 my wife and I bought a small farm in Oklahoma and as we settled in we immediately felt like we needed a good farm dog. At that time I researched a lot […]

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Farm Collies, the Definitive Guide

I got into farm collies completely by accident over a decade ago when I was looking for a dog to help with the sheep on my small acreage farm. Maybe it was the string of […]

a Scotch Collie
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Scotch Collies, the Complete Guide

The Scotch Collie is probably the best dog you’ve never heard of. This smart, well-behaved dog breed was almost completely wiped out a few decades ago. So although they may take a back seat in […]

Bob, a Scotch Collie from the 1920's
Farm Collie Movement

Whatever Happened to Old Shep? by Linda Rorem

People continue to think about the old-fashioned collie and wonder if any can still be found, perhaps some old strain surviving on a remote ranch or farm. They know about Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, English Shepherds, show Collies, but these are breeds are not, in and of themselves, the old farm collie that is being sought. […]


Improved Off The Face Of The Earth

Various attempts have been made to save the old time scotch collie from extinction over the past 119 years, but none of them have had long-lasting or serious impact. The dogs we have today come to us as much through chance and dumb luck as they do through the efforts to rescue the old-time scotch collie from extinction. […]

English Shepherd and Scotch Collie compared

McDuffie’s Blunder and How To Fix It

The true story of failures and blunders and how we can move forward I hate to say it because I really respect J. Richard McDuffie, I respect his knowledge about dogs and breeding, I appreciate […]

Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

The Poultry Yard by W.A. Burpee – 1891

THE COLLY DOG It may safely be said, that among the most intelligent of the canine race are the Collies. Whether their cleverness is hereditary, or the result of training, remains a question; but all […]