Old-Time Scotch Collie video

Old-Time Scotch Collie Video Trailer

The Scotch Collie was among the most popular dog breeds at the turn of the twentieth century, this video briefly outlines how in the course of the twentieth century they almost became extinct and efforts […]

Old Type Scotch Collies in a Painting
Changes: 1901 - 1950

Scotch Collies and Sheep Dogs – 1919

The early Romans had their Shepherd dog (canus pastorales) but no line of descent can be traced to help us to identify the exact type of Shepherd dog of that day. Dr. Cains, author of […]

A group of collies
Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

Old Scotch Collie Club – 1892

At this time the collie, like the nightingale in the feathered world, which is voice and nothing more, had coat and little else beside to recommend it. Judges and fanciers, with a few exceptions, now bow down and worship before the narrow head of a brainless idol. […]

Collies herding sheep in Ansdell painting

Richard Ansdell, Early Collies in Art

When discussing early paintings of Collies the name most often heard is Edwin Henry Landseer, yet looking through the examples of his work online he doesn’t really paint too many Collies and they are usually […]

Northumbrian smooth collies

Northumbrian Collies

It is my belief, based on the research I’ve done, that much of the differences in modern collie breeds originated in the regional varieties of sheep-dogs found in Great Britain. That the Rough Collie resulted […]

Early History: Distant Past - 1860


Excerpted from “Biographical Sketches and Authentic Anecdotes of Dogs” by Captain Thomas Brown – 1829 Note: This is the earliest detailed description of the Scotch Collie. Bewick described the collie’s behavior almost 40 years before […]

Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

The Colley, The dogs of Great Britain… 1879

One of the most beautiful and useful of all dogs is the Scotch sheep-dog or colley, excellent engravings of which are given, pp. 125-128. With a fine muzzle he combines an intelligent-looking and rather broad […]

Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

Live Stock Journal Almanac – 1878

The Collie Dog – by Gordon Stables, M.D., K.N. “Whatever sad mischance o’ertake ye, Man, he’s the dog will ne’er forsake ye.” — Hogg. It is just fourteen years and a little over since I […]

Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

The Scotch Collie – 1883

A Highland farmer owned a very clever collie bitch. The farmer attended market with regularity, and rode from his farm about eight miles once a week, driving his cattle and sheep before him with the […]