1. What about Ole Doc ? I don’t see him in none the above pictures of Mr strunk’s dogs.Ole Doc was throwback{to the ole original farm shepherds] from two leopard curs bred together by a hunter in Georgia.Mr Mcduffie purchased hlm and bred him to several his farm shepherd females.I purchased a male pup out of one of the litters. He was off Ole Doc and Little Bit .He is dead now and i like to buy another one, if anyone still have any of this bloodline.Please call me at 252-337-5363.

  2. I have been looking for an old time farm shepard for along time with no luck,i had em as a boy here in the Ozarks of Arkansas, if anyone knows where one is let me know 479-857-1856

  3. The picture of Dunrovin ‘s Rover, looks a lot like my old Shep, he grew up with me. When i went in the army old shep, was lost. He would work cows, with my dad, until dad yelled at him, then he would go back to the house. A big old black dog, with a gang of dogs, got old shep down and killed him. The black dog belonged to a neighbor, dad asked me if i killed that dog? I said i tried, i put lead in him, shep was my buddy, we hunted, fished, together, went every where, i went.

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