Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

Facts for Farmers – 1869

An early American source on the Scotch Collie, this book covers every aspect of agriculture from breeds of livestock to barn construction to farm economics and includes many beautiful engravings. It shows that Scotch Collies […]

Personal Experiences

Rex Bowers Letter

My grandfather kept this type dog all his life and used them on our farm. The best squirrel dog I ever had was a farm shepherd, Rusty. Granddad got him when I was very young and I grew up with him. My parents did not worry where I went as long as Rusty went along. He was a serious body guard! I could sic him on anything, as he feared nothing. We trained him on cows and mules with our older shep, Sport, who was very old. […]

Landrace and Purebred Scotch Collies

Landrace vs. Purebred Scotch Collies

Q: Why do some Old-Time Scotch Collies look more like modern Rough Collies and others look more like Aussies? Short answer: Old-Time Scotch Collies are a “landrace breed”. Read on to learn what constitutes a […]

Old Type Scotch Collies in a Painting
Changes: 1901 - 1950

Scotch Collies and Sheep Dogs – 1919

The early Romans had their Shepherd dog (canus pastorales) but no line of descent can be traced to help us to identify the exact type of Shepherd dog of that day. Dr. Cains, author of […]

A Rough Coated Scotch Collie from the Fordhook Kennels

The Old-Time Scotch Collie

Your Grandfather’s Farm Dog Comes Home As published in Countryside & Small Stock Journal May – June 2011 issue When my wife and I bought our old farm house two years ago we had no idea […]

A group of collies
Golden Age: 1861 - 1900

Old Scotch Collie Club – 1892

At this time the collie, like the nightingale in the feathered world, which is voice and nothing more, had coat and little else beside to recommend it. Judges and fanciers, with a few exceptions, now bow down and worship before the narrow head of a brainless idol. […]

Rover, silent film star
Changes: 1901 - 1950

Scotch Collies in the Movies

Silent era films sometimes featured Scotch Collies, here are a few. Special thanks to my friend Cheryl Skelly Subject for her research in this area.           Related Images:

Collies herding sheep in Ansdell painting

Richard Ansdell, Early Collies in Art

When discussing early paintings of Collies the name most often heard is Edwin Henry Landseer, yet looking through the examples of his work online he doesn’t really paint too many Collies and they are usually […]

Northumbrian smooth collies

Northumbrian Collies

It is my belief, based on the research I’ve done, that much of the differences in modern collie breeds originated in the regional varieties of sheep-dogs found in Great Britain. That the Rough Collie resulted […]