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Breed Information

Scotch Collies, the Complete Guide

The Scotch Collie is probably the best dog you’ve never heard of. This smart, well-behaved dog breed was almost completely wiped out a few decades ago. So although they may take a back seat in […]

Old-Time Scotch Collie video

Old-Time Scotch Collie Video Trailer

The Scotch Collie was among the most popular dog breeds at the turn of the twentieth century, this video briefly outlines how in the course of the twentieth century they almost became extinct and efforts […]

Heiland Thistle's Diego

Collie Renaissance

The Decline, Fall and Rebirth of the Old-Time Scotch Collie by Andy Ward This article appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of Heirloom Gardener When C. F. Dorian moved from his farm in rural Virginia […]

Scotch Collies

New Scotch Collie Alliance by Guy Ormiston

The American Scotch Collie almost faded into oblivion after the 1950’s. If you have a vision of bringing the Scotch Collie back, so later generations can utilize and enjoy the original, please join hands with fanciers of like mind. […]

Farm Collie Movement

Old Time Farm Shepherds by J. Richard McDuffie

The country was full of Old Time Farm Shepherd or Farm Collie dogs when I was a boy. Some called them Shepherds, others Collies but they were the same dogs. They served as family pet, guarddog, stock dog and hunting dog. My interest in them was always as hunting dogs, but like most people, took them for granted. […]

Bob, a Scotch Collie from the 1920's
Farm Collie Movement

Whatever Happened to Old Shep? by Linda Rorem

People continue to think about the old-fashioned collie and wonder if any can still be found, perhaps some old strain surviving on a remote ranch or farm. They know about Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, English Shepherds, show Collies, but these are breeds are not, in and of themselves, the old farm collie that is being sought. […]


Improved Off The Face Of The Earth

Various attempts have been made to save the old time scotch collie from extinction over the past 119 years, but none of them have had long-lasting or serious impact. The dogs we have today come to us as much through chance and dumb luck as they do through the efforts to rescue the old-time scotch collie from extinction. […]