1. I love finds like these, it’s always interesting and informative to see what once was and compare it to what is now. I would take any of the dogs pictured here over the current show ring monsters.

  2. Thanks for all the work you do on the past of the collie Andy – I will post this onto the Club des amis du Colley – French collie club. I think they may be interested to see where their dogs have come from!!!

  3. Yes, this is a British Magazine, there was an American magazine at the same time called “Country Life in America” I don’t know if they were affiliated.

    I will keep my eyes peeled for info on smooths. In all my research here on the collie, references to smooths are quite rare. Have you tried doing a search for “smooth” here?

    Have you seen A history and description of the collie or sheep dog in his British varieties By Rawdon Briggs Lee with a chapter on Smooths?

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