Dog Travels 3000 Miles to Home and Gets Medal

silverton_bobbieBob, a Scotch collie recently traveled approximately 3,000 miles to return to his home in Oregon after having been lost in the middle west. Its owners had taken it with them on an automobile trip, and while they were crossing Iowa Bob strayed away. After an unsuccessful search they went on to Indiana and then drove back to the Pacific coast never expecting to see their pet again. Six months after their return Bob came trotting home weak from fatigue, footsore and with claws worn short. It developed that the animal had trailed the automobile from Iowa to Indiana and then had started back on the long trip to Oregon. The state humane society, after investigation, presented the dog with a medal and school children petitioned the village council to give it the freedom of the streets for the rest of its life.

Excerpted from Popular Mechanics Aug. 1924

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  1. There is a book about Bob, by Susan Stellies, “Wonder Dog” The Story of Silverton Bobbie”; also,”Silverton’s Bobbie: His Amazing Journey–The True Story” by Judith Kent. Both books can be found on

    Inside the first book by Susan Stellies, which is geared more toward children, is a picture of Bob in which he looks very much like our Ginny of Gracehaven.

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