Another Shep at the Station – 1906

For weeks Shep, a blooded Scotch collie, waited at a lonely station in Augusta county, Virginia, for the return of his absent master. The master, C. F. Dorian, of West Eighth avenue, Denver, when he heard that his devoted pet was homeless, took a railroad trip to Virginia to get possession of the dog and bring him to Colorado. The two have never been separated since.

Dorian was at the Union station last night, waiting for a train to take him to South Platte, Neb., where he is to do some contract work for the Union Pacific railroad. Shep was with him. Mr. Dorian patted the dog as he told the following story:

“I left Augusta county, Virginia, where I had a farm, several months ago. I gave Shep to a neighbor, believing he would be better off, than with me. Shortly after I left he broke his chain, and returned to my farm, which was in the hands of strangers. He took up the scent at the farm and followed my footsteps to the railroad station. There he waited for me three weeks, taking but little nourishment.

“The station agent, knowing the dog and knowing me, wrote to me, describing the dog’s actions, about the end of the second week. I immediately left Denver for Virginia, and did not rest easy until I arrived at the station, where the dog awaited me.

“There never was a dog more glad. he jumped and frolicked, despite the fact that he was lean for the want of nourishment. Biting my trouser legs, he dragged me in the direction of the old farm. He would run a short distance toward the farm and then return to me. He could not understand why I would not go home. He is contented here, I believe, and his devotion has made such an impression on me that I have never been away from him since.”— Denver Republican – 1906

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