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Finding a farm collie today is nowhere near as difficult as it was when Erika DuBois and J. Richard McDuffie began their searches back in the 1980s, great strides have been made in the past twenty years towards finding remaining populations of these dogs and breeding them. Still these dogs are far from safe, breeding populations are still extremely low and many of the existing dogs are having their farm collie genes diluted as each successive generation is bred to other breeds of dog.


To find a great farm collie I recommend contacting a reputable breeder. Always be careful when buying dogs from unknown breeders, from online ads or pet stores, finding a well know, recommended, reputable breeder is always the best option even if that involves waiting some time until they have a litter available. A good place to find breeders is at the Old-Time Scotch Collie Registry.


See our list of currently available Scotch Collie puppies.

Of course if you are not particular about having an Old-Time Scotch Collie, there are several other closely related breeds of sheep-dogs with some degree of Scotch Collie ancestry that are much more common today, some of them are.

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Border Collie
  • English Shepherd
  • McNabb

I will be adding information regarding health concerns and other important considerations when selecting a farm collie to this section in the future.

Farm Collie Primer

Farm Collie Primer Finding your own farm collie Farm Collie Movement Farm Collie History Farm Collie Definition

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