1. i LOVE this video! Those old time collies remind me of the ones on my grandma’s farm up in Ontario back in the late 1800’s. While I never saw them in person, I have short movie clips of one of them, and memories from my childhood of my grandma telling me about their intelligence and biddability. She said that without being told, they would move the livestock from barn to field in both the morning and again in the evening for milking.
    Someday when my current senior collies have crossed the bridge, I hope to bring one of these wonderful collies back into our family.

  2. I grew up reading Albert Payson Terhune’s Books, where he lamented the change in the breed from the brilliant working dog to the unrecognizable pointy nosed show dogs. I have always wanted an old fashioned scotch collie. I am so glad to have found you! I will be looking for a puppy in the next year or two!

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