Need Pictures of Carter’s Rusty

We have pictures on this site of every one of the Old-Time Farm Shepherd foundation dogs, the members of the litter McDuffie bought from old Mrs. Allison in Brush Creek Tennessee. They are…

Dunrovin's Ole Shep
Dunrovin’s Ole Shep


Dunrovin's Rover
Dunrovin’s Rover


Dunrovin Keppie
Dunrovin Keppie


Dunrovin's Little Bit
Dunrovin’s Little Bit


There are also pictures of all of Dunrovin’s Ole Shep’s progeny that made contributions to the farm collie gene-pool, with one exception. We have…

McDuffie's Beethoven
McDuffie’s Beethoven


Chesney's Rebel
Chesney’s Rebel


Dunrovin's Tankard
Dunrovin’s Tankard


Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of Carter’s Rusty. Does someone out there have a photo of Carter’s Rusty or any other progeny of these foundation dogs that we can post on this website? It would really help make our record of OTFS history complete.


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  1. Hi, I have a son of Carter’s Rusty I can provide a photo of. His name is Wilson’s Checkers and he is 11 1/2 b/w male. We have a daughter of him (Checkers) and grandson/granddaughter of his as well.

  2. Hi Jana

    If you don’t mind sharing your picture here please send it to Are you aware that another grandson of Ole Shep currently has pups in Virginia?


  3. Yes, Checkers sired a litter recently and those pups are due May 2nd in NY. This may be Checkers’s last litter. We have had some wonderful offspring from this wonderful boy!

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