an old scotch collie, the root of the collie family tree

The Collie Family Tree is Incorrect

I see the “collie family tree”, which was developed some years ago by Linda Rorem, referenced quite frequently on collie related websites [VIEW THE COLLIE FAMILY TREE HERE]. It is very useful in illustrating the […]


Need Pictures of Carter’s Rusty

We have pictures on this site of every one of the Old-Time Farm Shepherd foundation dogs, the members of the litter McDuffie bought from old Mrs. Allison in Brush Creek Tennessee. They are…     […]


The Internet, Ole Shep’s Best Friend

There is no question that show conformation, closed registries and kennel clubs nearly wiped out the farm collie forever. Had it not been for the advent of the internet in the 90s they would most […]

Farm Collie Movement

Old Scotch Collie by Erika DuBois

Sadly, over the past 20 years, collies of Kippy’s ilk have all but disappeared from Inverness County, where at one time they guarded every doorstep. As well as being herders, and guard-dogs, these “old” collies were tolerant of children and very clean in habit. […]


Queen Victoria’s Collies

Much has been written about Queen Victoria’s Collies, one can hardly read a history of the breed without some mention of how she made them popular or how she bred Borzoi into them. In my […]


Where is the Old English Sheepdog?

The more I research old articles for this website, the more questions crop up and each new epiphany leads to another. For example, I started out researching historic articles about farm collies, but I soon […]


Defining a Breed: An Apologia of the OTFS

Back in October 2009, in the wake of events that transpired on the Farmcollie list concerning the rescuing of Scout and Bonnie from an animal shelter in Klamath Falls, Oregon and the subsequent castration of […]


Ole Shep is Dead, Long Live Ole Shep

I regret not learning about the farm collie movement earlier. It appears there was a great deal of enthusiasm for the idea of bringing back the old time farm collies back in the late 90’s […]