Farm Collie Movement

Old Time Farm Shepherds by J. Richard McDuffie

The country was full of Old Time Farm Shepherd or Farm Collie dogs when I was a boy. Some called them Shepherds, others Collies but they were the same dogs. They served as family pet, guarddog, stock dog and hunting dog. My interest in them was always as hunting dogs, but like most people, took them for granted. […]

Doc the Leopard Cur Shepherd

Skeletons in the OTFS Closet

This is the story of Doc the Leopard Cur “Shepherd”. When Richard McDuffie brought home the last litter of the Old Bob-Tail Shepherds he faced one gigantic obstacle in preserving this line; What would he […]


Calling Out NKC

For over 10 years now the National Kennel Club has treated the Old Time Farm Shepherd like a red-headed step child and it’s high time we get the NKC/OTFS registration issue sorted out. What am […]

English Shepherd and Scotch Collie compared

McDuffie’s Blunder and How To Fix It

The true story of failures and blunders and how we can move forward I hate to say it because I really respect J. Richard McDuffie, I respect his knowledge about dogs and breeding, I appreciate […]


Second Day With Chandler Strunk

This a continuation of the article that starts at Today I had my scanner working and scan I did. I now have photos of 3 of the 4 littermates of the last of the […]


OTFS Pilgrimage

If J. Richard McDuffie is the father of the Old Time Farm Shepherd, then Chandler Strunk would have to be its godfather. I traveled nearly 900 miles in the past 2 days to meet Mr. […]


Need Pictures of Carter’s Rusty

We have pictures on this site of every one of the Old-Time Farm Shepherd foundation dogs, the members of the litter McDuffie bought from old Mrs. Allison in Brush Creek Tennessee. They are…     […]


Defining a Breed: An Apologia of the OTFS

Back in October 2009, in the wake of events that transpired on the Farmcollie list concerning the rescuing of Scout and Bonnie from an animal shelter in Klamath Falls, Oregon and the subsequent castration of […]