Diabolical Soviet Collie Experiments?

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This is way out of the norm for this website but it was just too good to pass up. The internet is full of weird things but this is the weirdest thing I have run into in a long time.

See the full story (if you read russian) and more pictures at http://hotshkin.livejournal.com/117151.html

2 Responses to Diabolical Soviet Collie Experiments?

  1. Wow, the amount of time that must have taken to create and the multiple skills involved. Illustration, 3D modeling, photo editing. Crazy.

    I actually like the illustrations the most, I think that shows more skill than the 3D modeling and photo manipulation where there are robust tools that can walk one through the process. Not only are they aptly created, they also have a certain dated feel in style. Good find, this is very entertaining.

  2. Stella Waldvogel says:

    While some of this stuff is fake, or a pipe dream like the dog-headed robot, there really were experiments in Russia that involved decapitating dogs and keeping the heads alive, or grafting them onto another dog.

    Don’t google it if you like dogs. It messed me up for weeks the first time I saw it.

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