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Lots of people have a story about the old shepherd or collie they grew up with, please share your stories here. If we like it we will post it on the website for all to read. Please help remind people how special these dogs are and why we don’t want them to disappear.

Type as much as you want in the box below, it will scroll to hold as much text as you wish to enter. You can also attach a picture of your dog if you have one.

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3 Responses to Submit Your Story

  1. Laura Osanitch says:

    Hey! I post on Border Wars as “UrbanCollieChick.”

    I was just curious if you think this might be an Old Scotch Collie or something similar.

    He’s in an upcoming movie called Darling Companion.

  2. Judy says:

    I would guess yes to that:)

  3. Ron Wilkinson says:

    I’m posting on reply because I don’t think I have had a Farm Collie. I have had two BCs and a B.C. x Aus. S. and I just rescued a Queensland x B.C.
    My first dog was the B.C. x A.S., she was a beautiful full feathered tail merle. She was a one person dog and was friendly with strangers except when in my truck or behind a fence. She was born in 1970 before they really screwed up A.S.’s as far as I know.

    I guess my question is why there is so much confirmation talk on this site? I can see the performance or personality traits as important and the physical traits needed to accomplish the task but other than marketing a “cute” or physically typical dog I don’t understand the importance of confirmation. IOW that goes back to AKC standards of breeding a dog.
    I’ve been going through the links and I see an approach based on style.
    My B.C.’s were rescues of a smooth coat cattle dog and a rough coated sheep dog. Both might have been failures or just “overstock.”
    I confess I do like the look of all these dogs including your Farm dogs. They are a handful in some respects but I have gotten used to them. Even though I like certain kinds of mutts and bird dogs I’d take a herding dog every time.
    This is a very nice site.

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