Scotch Collie Puppies Available

There is a litter available now (March 2014) in S. Illinois
See the breeder’s website for more information.

You might want to sign up for the puppy waiting list to be notified when a new litter becomes available by going to

There is a map of breeders who are members of the OTSCA at which might be helpful for finding a breeder in your area.

7 Responses to Scotch Collie Puppies Available

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  2. Kim says:

    HI, I know of someone (friend of a friend) that has farm collies. The dog has 13 puppies! How do I know if they are farm collies? Apparently this female dogs line goes back a ways.

  3. Shep says:


    Is there someplace online where we can see pictures of your friend’s dogs? “Farm Collie” is a pretty broad description covering a range of breeds like Australian Shepherds, Rough Collies, English Shepherds, etc, so almost any dog descended in part from the Scotch Collie of old could be termed a “farm collie”. However the old Scotch Collie is what this website deals with primarily, there is a tentative breed description here which you might find useful in determining if your friend’s dog falls within the Scotch Collie breed.

  4. Jane myers says:

    I am starting the search for a mate for my Lassie/ Heritage Romana. Probably fall of 2014. I want to linebreed into her old Allison lines. Suggestions anyone? I’m in mid missouri and can drive a state or two. Jane myers

  5. teri says:

    I have been looking for these dogs for years and know one new what I was talking about. I grew up with rough collie/ australian shepherd mix dogs and I am not sure if these would be considered scotch or farm collies but they are great on the farm. Please let me know if anyone knows of any puppies aval.

  6. Vicki Pense says:

    check out our scotch collie dogs. Their lines are Dunrovins old Shep, Heritage Rainier 4JAcres ……we just had a litter and we are in Southern Illinois. Where are you in Missouri?

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