Scotch Collie Puppies Available

Scotch Collie Puppies

Here are the breeders who currently have puppies available.

You might want to sign up for the puppy waiting list to be notified when a new litter becomes available by going to

There is a map of breeders who are members of the OTSCA at which might be helpful for finding a breeder in your area.

17 Responses to Scotch Collie Puppies Available

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  2. Jenny says:

    I love Scotch Collie. I will love to have me one, do you have any Scotch Collie puppies for sale

  3. Gil & Joy Goodin says:

    We live in Moravian Falls NC and we have a litter of Scotch Collies 4 females and 1 male. They were born Nov.13th The Male came from Texas and Female from West Virgina. For more info please call 336-921-2068 Thanks

  4. Jane myers says:

    I am starting the search for a mate for my Lassie/ Heritage Romana. Probably fall of 2014. I want to linebreed into her old Allison lines. Suggestions anyone? I’m in mid missouri and can drive a state or two. Jane myers

  5. teri says:

    I have been looking for these dogs for years and know one new what I was talking about. I grew up with rough collie/ australian shepherd mix dogs and I am not sure if these would be considered scotch or farm collies but they are great on the farm. Please let me know if anyone knows of any puppies aval.

  6. Vicki Pense says:

    check out our scotch collie dogs. Their lines are Dunrovins old Shep, Heritage Rainier 4JAcres ……we just had a litter and we are in Southern Illinois. Where are you in Missouri?

  7. Donna Kaye Cook says:

    I Have always had collies. My husband died 11 yrs, ago and I had to give my tri-color to my daughter. I really want a collie that looks like Lassie. When my son was little he didn’t sleep very well. I would get him up and rock him, my dog Misty would set there and talk to me like she wanted to help. I loved her so much and she was stolen. Please let me know when you have a litter. 937-592-0757. Bellefontaine, OH.

  8. alice grette says:

    We have had several dogs that were called farm shepherds. they are hard to find! I love them, I have a 14 year old female and when she goes, I would like another. Always looking!

  9. Roger Grant says:

    Looking for old time scotch collie pup, or old time farm shepherd, or treeing farm shepherd.

    Any help at all in would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Roger Grant

  10. Nona Gleim says:

    I have always loved collies – rough, scotch, border. My great uncles had farms where there was always a collie of some sort. I am interested in getting another collie. No pedigree is necessary. I just want one or two to cuddle up with, throw a tennis ball to, and go for long walk. I know that lots of folks don’t want the runt of the litter but they would be welcome. Also, I am partial to the “lassies” of the breed.

  11. Cindy Green says:

    Hi, I put my name on the waiting list. I am looking for a male and female pup. I would like to raise this beautiful breed to preserve them. I have a working sheep and pastured pig farm. I have had collies before and I absolutely love them!!! I look forward to hearing from anyone that has a litter and of course more than one person as I want to breed them. I live in MN but arrangements can be made!!! Thank you!!

  12. Jeannette Lindvig says:

    Jane Myers, please don’t linebreed any animal. Linebreeding emphasizes the bad, unhealthy characteristics. There is a reason women don’t marry our brothers or fathers! Plus, genetic diversity is important in restoring a breed that has so little genetic material left. It is line breeding that has ruined most of the major dog breeds out there, and riddled them with cancers, hip problems, vision anomalies, etc. Line breeding should be illegal. ( Linebreeding led the royal families of Europe to have problems with hemophilia – a textbook case!)

  13. Twiddlebug Jan says:

    First time at this site, my first dog Buster I now realize was an old time Scotch Collie! If we ever get some land*, I will work to breed them. They are too great a dog to lose.

    * I am located in a city which only allows 2 dogs per property; unfortunately, my son’s dog is here until he moves out.

  14. James Martin says:

    We have puppies available! Will be traveling from Kentucky to Iowa Nov 25-26 and Kentucky to DC Dec 20-23.

  15. Dawn Pecora says:

    Jeannette Lindvig, you are confusing “inbreeding” with line breeding.

  16. Debbie says:

    I am near Toronto ontario and have been looking for two years for an english shepherd / farm collie type dog I really like the fuller eyes, blocky head and relaxed ears of these shepherd / collies. I have read that they are great all purpose farm dogs for large and small animals and learn who and what is supposed to be on your property and where. I hope I can find a tricolour but that is secondary to finding a good sound dog.

  17. Molly Sebastian says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I have an Old Scotch Collie female from Gracehaven in Washington State and she is bred to a Rough Collie from German and Swedish herding lines. The female Dori is due with her first litter within the next week and we are expecting a large litter. Some will be Tricolour some Trifactored Sable. Both Gracehaven’s Dori and Gregor of Strathyre can be seen on the OTSCA registry database under unregistered dogs. I am in the process of registering them.
    The good news is we live about 40 Km west of Toronto, near Freelton ON.
    Please email me if interested mmsebastian.strabane@gmail .com.

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