Dog Not For Duchess

ad1The Duchess of Roxburghe recently had a practical little lesson in the fact that money cannot do everything.

Just as the ducal party was leaving the bazaar the duchess was attracted by an especially fine black and hazel collie In the possession of a poor old shepherd from the neighboring hills. She called him to her and asked for how much he would sell the dog. The old man replied that it was not for sale.

The Duchess offered $50, then $100, the shepherd still shaking his head. Finally she raised the offer to $500. The old man. who was miserably dressed in a shepherd’s tartan plaid and Tam O’Shanter, drew himself up proudly and said:

“Ma leddy, gin ye were the queen hersel me and ma dowg wull ne’er be parted for siller.”

The Duchess said she admired his disinteredness, and afterwards sent him a handsome present.

excerpted from: Southern planter, Volume 65 – 1904

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