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English Shepherd/Scotch Collie chart

Well, they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. The board of AWFA really did me a favor when they criticized this website today because a lot of new people have now visited my site and been able to learn about the other side of the farm collie spectrum, the Scotch Collie! You see there are 2 sides to the farm collie and the English Shepherd is only one part of the story, here at OldTimeFarmShepherd.org you will be able to learn the truth about the other side. The more endangered breed is the Scotch Collie and here we have the history of that breed along with efforts to preserve and reestablish it. Welcome, open your mind, read the research and enjoy your stay.

Quoting from http://darlingyouaredoingitwrong.blogspot.com/

What is a weed?
“Any plant growing where you don’t want it, a carrot plant in a wheat field is a weed, a wheat plant in a carrot field is a weed.”

Of course, if someone gets up Sunday morning and instead of going to their own church, they wander into a church of a different religion, then they have no right to complain that the pastor isn’t preaching what they believe in.

I guess my mistake was in believing that the AWFA was “non-denominational” because they claim to represent all collie breeds and that they would be tolerant of different convictions. Instead I learned the hard way what happens to those whose ideologies conflict with English Shepherd Orthodoxy and I found myself being the lone Jehovah’s Witness in the Pentecostal Church, the lone wheat plant in the carrot field if you will.

Good bye and good luck AWFA.

(AKA Andy Ward)

3 Responses to Welcome AWFA Members!

  1. Steven says:

    Go Andy! Go Andy! It’s your birthday! Go Andy!

  2. Shep says:

    You’re funny Steve, I think I’m going to like you.

  3. Jess says:

    People get all het up when you mess with their world view. For every person that attacks, there are several more that are watching and learning. Keep on keeping on, Andy.

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